Tactrainers Airsoft Targets started as the result of a quest. The quest to be better shooters. 


John Linenbach (USPSA #TY10323)  began practicing together with a friend (Brad Holt) and comparing notes about training in 2002 when they were frequenting IDPA matches in and around the Western U.S. It started with 1911’s and Glocks with .22 conversion kits to save money and maintain a heavy practice regimen. They even tried Co2 powered pellet guns. Then they discovered the Gas Blowback Airsoft gun and they were off and running.

Brad started practicing with airsoft 30 minutes per day. He shot Regional matches and attended training classes, learning technique from some of the top shooters in the country. John had been providing training to local competitive shooters and CCW holders since 1995, then in 2004 got a job with the 4th largest police department in California as a Rangemaster/Armorer. He kept practicing with airsoft and shooting local competitions. Brad continued to progress and started winning Regional level matches.

Both John and Brad were only shooting live ammo at matches and classes, but practicing exclusively with Airsoft. John and Brad started making targets for personal practice use, first a plate rack made from PVC pipe and wood, then small plate holders and USPSA shaped targets. John got a job training people outside the U.S. and began traveling a lot, so the competition shooting got put on hold temporarily. Brad continued practicing with Airsoft, winning almost every local match he entered and scoring wins or high placement in Area level matches.

Brad has now fired 1.9 million airsoft bb’s in practice and has earned a Grand Master rating in USPSA Production Division. John has designed, tested and developed all evolutions of Tactrainers Airsoft Targets with 1.7 million bb’s downrange in practice, and at over 55 years of age when most people start declining in their shooting abilities, has gone from C class to A class in USPSA Production division in less than 2 years practicing exclusively with Airsoft, now has promoted to Master class. John made the decision to jump in and start a company to manufacture Airsoft Targets, that’s when Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems began.

Now Tactrainers has expanded into providing the biggest selection of the highest quality Airsoft practice targets available anywhere, as well as TacAir compressed air conversion kits for Gas guns. Every one of our target designs was created to fill a specific need in skill-building for the Action Shooting Sports, a direct result of our experiences in ongoing competition and training.  If you have identified a weak link while shooting in competition, chances are we have already designed a target to help you solve it. We have shipped targets to every state in the U.S. Our team is ready to serve you and our mission is to help good people shoot better !


(Tactrainers is now a division of Octave Ventures, LLC)