The Steel Challenge Set

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With this set and 9 feet of continuous shelf space, you can set up any and all of the 8 stages of the Steel Challenge

This set comes with all the components, a template for the locations of plate bases and an easy-to-use set up guide. All you have to do is read the chart, locate the bases, and hang the proper numbered plates on their respective bases and you have your choice of Steel Challenge stages. It comes with complete instructions that tell you how to set it up and what distance in feet to shoot each stage from, it's scaled as close as you can get to the live-fire version. To set all 8 stages up you will need 9 feet of continuous shelf space (side to side) and the longest "shoot from" distance is 12 feet uprange. 

This set consists of 7 bases and 28 plates and it looks and feels just like shooting the live-fire version on the range. Of course you can always just use your imagination and set up any configuration you want, now that you have 7 plate hangers and 28 plates!


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