Compressed Air Conversions for Green Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems new product

Announcing new additions to the Tactrainers line of products. The TactrainersAir Direct Fit Conversion kit for gas gun magazines to compressed air now offers a kit for each of 3 different sizes of gas gun magazines.

You know how frustrating it is just when you get into a good flow in your practice session and suddenly your gun quits after 5 shots because the gas pressure is low. Now you have to charge the magazine and hope it’s not too cold to operate. Or if it’s hot weather and the gun feels like it’s going to come apart because it’s cycling so hard due to excessive pressure in the mag.

That can all be avoided now with the TacAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit. We’ve had them for the Type 1 Fill Valve mags mostly found on WE guns with the long, coarse thread. Now we have the 2 “fine thread” types as well so chances are quite good we have the one that fits your gun. You can find out how to order them on our “Accessories” page.

We practice a lot using and testing our targets and have been using compressed air for a few years now. Since we started using compressed air it’s not uncommon to get 20,000 bb’s a month downrange in practice. There is not a lot of wasted time when the gun runs consistently and all you have to do is fill the mag with bb’s and keep shooting.

As one of our customers said in a review: “Can’t Go Wrong!!” I recently purchased the conversion for my GBB pistol. It makes training so much more enjoyable without having to constantly refill the magazines with gas. It makes the pistol function more consistently because the air pressure remains the same from the first BB to the last. When training for long periods of time, the magazines used to get cold and wouldn’t function properly at times. With the conversion, this does not happen at all. Also, the hose is very light and almost unnoticeable as well. Do yourself a favor and get this conversion, you’ll be glad that you did.”